CukoO Portrait in WoodsCukoO is the recording project of Victoria Wilson who creates music as a means of sensory stimulation for children with special needs. Each track is played to the children in the classroom and is accompanied by a physical item relating to the aural ‘story' (in the case of this first album, a woodland walk). This item (feather, pinecone, brush etc.) is used to stimulate the child by feel, sound, weight and texture so allowing them to experience a whole other dimension to the story and the sounds, becoming more deeply immersed in it and in their activated senses.

Her work consists of beautiful examples of analogue electronic sounds balanced with traditional classroom instrumentation. So, sitting happily alongside an EMS VCS3 analogue synth, a Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape machine and various oscillators, we find sopranino and treble recorders, glockenspiel, clarinet, saxophone, bongos, acoustic guitar and all manner of other typically 1970’s music-classroom paraphernalia. And to this 70’s child, the music is redolent of those sunny, dusty music rooms, and nature walks through dank woods, the smell of crumbling corridors and daring adventures in the garden tangle and unknown streets.

Reviews for CukoO's album 'Woodland Walk'.

"Created by Victoria Wilson, whose CukoO alias follows her time fronting Birmingham electronica group Avrocar, the pieces are designed to stimulate the senses and imaginations of children with profound physical and learning disabilities. Echoing Wilson’s Birmingham contemporaries Plone in its mix of melodic simplicity, bric-a-brac arrangements and Radiophonic flourishes (the kit list includes an EMS VCS3 and a Revox B77 reel-to-reel tape machine), these gently upbeat compositions paint vivid pictures without being prescriptive. A carefree saxophone theme over watery field recordings puts listeners aboard a drifting twig on ‘River Sticks’; for ‘Wind & Leaves’ bell-tree chimes suggest encircling trees. Animals are imitated, from the duet of treble and sopranino recorders set against real birdsong on ‘Birds’ to the metallic synth snuffling of ‘Hedgehog’. Yet Wilson always leaves ample room for daydreaming."
—Abi Bliss, The Wire

It’s an appealing, genre-challenging LP that will really grab those with an ear for gentle experimentation. ‘Rain’, ‘Birds’ and ‘Wind & Leaves’ are reverie-inducing, and standout ‘Woodpecker’, which partners lugubrious analogue sound effects with sensuous mystic-jazz sax notes, summons us deeper into the wood’s secret midsummer underworld.
—Carl Griffin, Electronic Sound Magazine