Dan Gusset is “best” known as one half of the band Gusset, periodically active in and around Bristol since 1996, and as the co-organiser/presenter of the Goatlab parties and podcasts.

If you were the kind of child who liked to mix all of the different colour block paints together to marvel and the murky brown it would create and you always wondered what the audio equivalent of this was, this could be for you.

Working day to day as an acoustic engineer he reduces environmental noise only to later re-release it at unsuspecting audiences.

In a “career” that has taken in trip-hop, breakcore, and glitch music he has now grown old and just likes to make interesting sounds, whether that’s from a collection of low-fi synths or from his archive of field recordings.

Dan will be performing an improvised live set using a modified EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) radio to grab voices from the airwaves and reprocess this into something approaching music.

He has also provided a sound/art installation in the skittle alley based on recordings of found conversations over heard on bus journeys along with a collection of his photographs of garish bus seat cover patterns.