Mutartis Boswell hales from the West country of the UK living near the woods in unspecified location. Boswell is a veteran of the UK graffiti scene painting many walls and other surfaces over the last 25 or so years.

He has a developed a unique take on the medium concentrating on creating strange, shadowy, beings who inhabit post- apocalyptic and alien worlds. He usually chooses to create his works in abandoned and atmospheric locations such as disused factories and the like.

Recently he has moved into print, creating zines and art books containing his own work and also collective publications.

As well as being a drawing addict Boswell also plays the bass guitar in various underground music projects.

Workshop Details
We will aim to create a finished zine by the end of the day using mono printing and other drawing and printing techniques.

Bring your ideas and drawings ,doodles, words or other weird and wonderful ideas you can think up and we will aim to create a finished zine.