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  • Mgystic Mgusset’s Spirit Radio Séance

    Mgystic Mgusset’s Spirit Radio Séance

    Dan Pope (one half of Death$ucker Records’ Gusset) presents a journey into the spirit realm with a hacked ghost box radio, to discuss the possibility of communication with the dead, with spirit voices from the dead.

  • Long Sun

  • Al Fresco Skronk Squadron

    Al Fresco Skronk Squadron

    Electroacoustic noise art interventions. Contact microphones and a hydrophone capturing sounds of the outside world and familiar things, feeding back within the din of unreliable devices. Improvised, intuitive, letting the instruments take over.

  • Digital Funfair – Beat Jigsaw

    Digital Funfair – Beat Jigsaw

    The Beat Jigsaw is an interactive installation which has entertained, amused and annoyed people at festivals, parties, arts events, museums, clubs, cinemas, shopping centres and more for at least the last twenty years. Originally conceived as a way of teaching spangled munters to count to four it has evolved…… no it hasn’t evolved. It’s still…

  • Geoffrey


    Soundscapes and deep thrubs from Malcolm Pitts, Paul Stickland and Nick and Saul Newbury

  • She’s Problematic

    She’s Problematic

  • Simon Chesterfield

    Simon Chesterfield

  • Backyard


  • Repeater Radio

    Repeater Radio

  • Farmer Glitch & Friends. Terry Riley’s: In-C

    Farmer Glitch & Friends. Terry Riley’s: In-C

    Farmer Glitch and Friends – Acid Horse Festival 2011. Short edit.

  • Tonecrop


    ‘Acoustic, de-industrial Noise using broken, warped and modified records, wind-up gramophone and everyday objects.’

  • Terminal Optimism

    Terminal Optimism

    Observations of the absurdities of life in the civilised modern world. Using open reel tape collages of found sounds, field recordings of industrial machinery, data moshed audio and spoken word. Processed live through time based fx. These float on top of a large bank of dirty DIY oscillators, given movement by a variety of slow…

  • Monophonic


    Monophonic has a background in free improvisation and experimental music. He uses a range of electronics to explore repetition and unforeseen outputs.

  • Fabio Ferri

    Fabio Ferri

    Based in the South West and originally from Italy, Fabio Ferri is rapidly garnering a name for his avant-garde, experimental compositions and live performances. Fabio really invites you into his strange world of music through his playful interaction and a combination of not taking himself too seriously, whilst simultaneously showcasing exceptional virtuosity that fully justifies…

  • Invisible Eyes

    Invisible Eyes

    Post Punk, Swamp, Noise, Funk, Mutant, Psyche, Kraut, Jam band in Frome, Somerset with Dan Harper (Invisible System), Paul Boswell (Mutartis) and Matthew Cross.

  • Luminous Foundation

    Luminous Foundation

    Luminous Foundation are underground music veterans Neil Mortimer (Urthona) and Mark Pilkington (Teleplasmiste) and can usually be found traversing space and time. They play improvised polyrhythmic electronics that warp krautrock, acid house and cosmic ambience into strange and beautiful new sounds, shapes and grooves. They can be encountered here:

  • Twilight Sequence

    Twilight Sequence

    Matthew J Saunders has been releasing records since the late ’90s on labels such as Earworm, Static Caravan, SpaceAge, Ochre and others, before signing with 4AD with his band Magnétophone in 2000. He has collaborated with Pixie’s/Breeders’ Kim Deal and Kelley Deal, King Creosote, James Yorkston and Pete Kember (Spacemen 3, Spectrum, EAR) who joined…

  • Kemper Norton

    Kemper Norton

    “creating something moving, eerie and somewhat chilling out of almost nothing.” – The Wire “The music of Kemper Norton streaks across the ages like a tipsy beachcomber, enthusiastically and expertly skipping across time’s tide …” – The Quietus  

  • Ubiquitous Meh!

    Ubiquitous Meh!

    Starting out as an organ and drum machine solo project for Luke Richards, Ubiquitous Meh! are now a fully-fledged band. Self-described as ‘Cult post-something organ jams for fans of Young Marble Giants / Dead Moon / the Stranglers’, they still only record to 4-track and still only do seven song records, pushing the old Hohner…

  • Nocturnal Emissions

    Nocturnal Emissions

    Nocturnal Emissions has been one of the best kept secrets of the industrial genre since the 1970s. Led by Nigel Ayers, the band was one of the first to use tape cutting, avant-garde art, and underground video works to create a stage experience that was being cultivated by like-minded artists like Throbbing Gristle and Cabaret…

  • Ekoplekz


    Ekoplekz returns …..